As we began the class we heard the scariest 3 words in the English Language could be ‘you have cancer’. We have spent time discussing cancer, cancer disparities, economic and social impact. But at the end cancer is most scary as it often can be fatal.

I suspect that many of you, like me, have had to deal with the impact.

As we near the end of this class on Cancer we have to address mortality but I would prefer to focus on the positive.

This assignment is to use the knowledge and research skills you have from this class, find and write about a promising new treatment for a form of cancer. You can choose the form of cancer treatment for any cancer you like. Pick any that you might have personal interest. If you have no idea I suggest you choose Breast or Prostate.

  1. 400-500 words
  2. This should be 12 pt font and Times New Roman
  3. Use at least 2 citations