Advantages of Computer Numerical Control Essay

Write 13 pages with APA style on Advantages of Computer Numerical Control.

The design of the control units for the numerical control machines applies the technique of hardwiring. This means that all the major functions of the machine are controlled using physical electronic elements that are built into the controller. On the other hand, the machine control unit is built in such a manner that it is soft-wired (Krar, Gill & Smid, 2001). This means that the commands in the machine are integrated into the computer through encoding at the time of manufacture and they cannot be erased in the event that the machine is turned off.

The type of memory that holds the type of encoding is known as the read-only memory. The onboard computer uses a numeric keyboard when imputing manual data using the manual input data sections of the programs. The programs are usually stored in random access memory. Programs can be read, interpreted, and processed by the random access part of the computer. However, any program that is stored in the computer’s random access memory can be easily erased whenever. the computer numerical control is switched off.

The programs have to be saved on auxiliary storage devices in order to recover them. The latest models of the machine control units have graphical display units that indicate the CNC program and the cutter paths generated by the program and any errors that may be affecting the functionality of the program.The use of computer numerical control has led to the development of possibilities and advantages that other numerical controls could not have attained. One of the most predominant advantages of computer numerical control is that it is easier to use compared to the older numerical control.

The CNC has the option of the addition of new functional areas just by programming the entire system to accommodate the new functionality. In the older system, this was impossible since any additional functionality had to be dealt with by the addition of hardware.