Adjudication of Sexual Assault Cases in the Mississippi National Guard Essay

The written product phase consists of writing and submitting your paper at the beginning of the F110 lesson. Your submission will generally conform to standards in ST 22-2:
• Pages have one-inch borders on all sides.
• Font is Arial size 12.
• Double-space lines and paragraphs.
• Indent new paragraphs
• Include a cover page containing your name, , and date. The cover page is not numbered.
• Page one of the paper is the first page (starting with Section 1 of the format)
• Pages are numbered on the bottom and centered.
• Identify and cite outside sources using end notes. Turabian is the .
• Put all graphics (tables, sketches, diagrams, etc.) in appendices (not in the body of the written product).
• Appendices do not count toward the length of your paper. The title page does not count toward the length of your paper.